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Hidden Plumbing Problems

Ways to Spot Hidden Plumbing Problems

Beauty is skin deep as they say, and it applies to modern fixtures too. Bathroom and kitchen renovations are often done in the hopes of repairing something serious or at the very least, to cover up a major aesthetic problem. Before properties are being sold, some owners will choose to renovate them to get a higher price.

But sometimes, a renovation project may not go as planned and may cause another set of problems for the new homeowners. Do not be fooled by newly installed PVC fittings.

PVC fittings

One of the ways to spot hidden plumbing problems is to find renovation cover-ups.

1.)   To find renovation cover-ups, you need to find out who did the work.

Who were the contractors that did the work? Did they find any issues when they completed the work? Were the contractors who were hired to do the job reputable or at the very least, licensed?

2.)   Check the fittings of your plumbing fixtures.

The quality of the fittings can indicate how the project was approached – whether it was done by a licensed contractor or not. The best way to check for the quality is to check for the brands. Branded fittings can be more expensive and these are often tell-tale signs that a licensed contractor did the work.

3.)   Check if the workmanship is good.

Shoddy workmanship can be easy to spot even if you’re not a tradesperson. Poor finishes, messy grouting, and crooked tiles in a renovation can be a sign of poor workmanship.

4.)   Paintwork can also be a cover up for poor renovation projects.

It’s used to make a house look brand new without having any work done. It’s no surprise that most contractors would often paint over water stains than to fix the leak behind it.

A drainage diagram can show you where the pipes are in the house and you should ask for this when you purchase a property, along with the other plans. Your solicitor should be able to track them down.

Now when you have the drainage diagram, it’s easy to spot if any bathroom or kitchen renovation was done.

1.)   A drainage diagram for a newly renovated bathroom or kitchen whether the new fixtures are in the same place as the old ones or not. In worst case scenarios, you could be looking at fixtures sitting on top of old pipes.

2.)   If the new fixtures do not match the drainage diagram, then the diagram was not updated at the time of the renovation. It’s unlikely that plumbing changes were approved by your state’s water utility, which is cause for alarm as major issues are seen lying ahead.

3.)   If the drainage diagram shows a perfect match of the new fixtures and the diagram was also updated at the time of the renovation, then everything is good.

What happens if you’re not happy with the renovation?

If you’ve checked the property and you find some cover-ups done, you still have the option to negotiate to get a lower price for the property instead of walking away.

Another option is to hire a professional plumber to do the inspection for you. If the plumber finds fault during the inspection stage, ask for an estimate for the repair costs and then factor this into your negotiation.