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investment dilemma

Ways to overcome the investment dilemma

Investing in stocks may be intriguing but there are a lot whole are hesitant. They are inspired by the stories of friends and relatives who have to exceed in investing. They too think to invest but a dilemma and fear bestow upon them and they resist from proceeding.

The reason to not invest

Alan Jiwan a well-known entrepreneur and investor say that the secret to investment is to surpass the fear with the excitement to excel. Some reasons why people avoid investing are:

  • Fear of losing money
  • Consider it to be a gamble and fear the addiction
  • Could not understand the stock
  • Don’t know where to invest money
  • Could trust the stock market

secret to investment

Eradicating the dilemma

If you are among them who fear to invest money because of some fear or dilemma learned the tips that may help you overcome the dilemma.

  • Educate yourself first

The main reason why the dilemma pertains is the lack of knowledge. One is not sure of the stock market and hence he could not proceed even if he has an interest in it. Educating oneself is the first and foremost thing that one can do. Learn about the markets and the stocks that lie within it deep. Understand all the concepts. This would build up a confidence inside you.

  • Don’t think, Just jump

You have thought enough about getting into investment. That thought didn’t come up with a fruitful conclusion. So now stop thinking and just jump into it. Maybe will fail but that is better than just thinking about it, moreover investing is about skills that develop with experience. The late you do the late you will be to receive the experience.

  • Look at the bigger screen

Many fear that they will lose money and this fear stops them. Well, the thing here to consider is not the small money you will lose but the greater gain you will get on the long run. Focus on the bigger picture with small steps.


The dilemma is a cautious self than trying to scare you. Fight it and see the supremacy that you will attain in the coming years.