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You probably seen or heard a lot from the new trend of fashion for guys where it is bolder, daring, and trendy which continuously changing or rather evolving every day with new perspectives, uniqueness, and a very new point-of-view, but at the same time it creates some confusion and division among guys who have different taste when it comes to fashion.

Combatant GentlemenUsually, a lot of us guys, except for those Millennials and teenagers nowadays who prefer the new style. A lot of men still prefer the fashion trend they have used to since they were younger but for those who are not that familiar what are those, we prepared a short article to get you through this matter. A lot of us rely on websites that help us dress up appropriately on different occasions and what makes it very interesting is that we have a distinct choice to make that makes us stand out among the rest or we just simply look good and join in the mix, bottom line is that dressing up is really meant to create a statement and it will truly be yours.

In case you forgot, the different styles for men, we listed down below the most basic because fashion, up to this day, always starts with the basic styles. This article is prepared by our friends from Combatant Gentlemen.


What we mean casual is that you are dressed comfortably, loose, and most of the time, your clothing is very casual, or rather very comfortable but not the same comfortable clothes that you wear in your house like pyjamas, boxer shorts, or clothes that you wear for sleeping. Casual style in fashion is to dress comfortably at the same time presentable where you can dress on many occasions or functions, but this type of clothing is too ordinary for a formal gathering. It is some sort of being edgy at the same time sporty with a hint of elegance in the version of a male. To explain it to you simply, casual style is a just informal way of clothing and not obligatory which is very suitable for a daily use, for a simple walk, going to malls, or just wearing something for social gatherings on a weekend. Most of the casual clothes are fewer formal shirts that are usually loose, paired with a jean, or there are also collared and button-down shirts that are appropriate for casual clothing. Most of these shirts are made from cotton.

  • SMART CASUAL-Combatant Gentlemen

It is the upgrade version of the casual style of clothing. It is half elegant or what you mostly saw for people who are regularly in the office. It is ideal for work or for formal gatherings or business meetings. Smart casual clothes are usually button-down collar shirts which are usually paired with a suit and a tie or a knit while its length should always reach to the belt area. Most executives and office workers wear smart casual. Unlike casual style, smart casual prohibits jeans from being worn. The best choice is chinos in a variety of colours like navy blue, grey or beige.


Elegant style of clothing for men comes in three types, work; evening, and sports which have different types of clothing that are totally aimed at making an ordinary man dress elegantly.