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The Harrapan Civilization

The Harrapan Civilization: Was it Just a Story?

If you are someone who is fun of reading online stories, stories of civilization then this story is for you. The Harrapan Civilization is one of the ancient civilizations of Indus Valley. It is basically making rounds in the internet nowadays, catching attention and probably making people wonder if was it really just a story of there’s little truth behind it.

Today, you will find out what is really behind the Harrapan Civilization. The identification of the Harappan Civilization in the twenties of the twentieth century was considered to be the most significant archaeological discovery in the Indian Subcontinent. This is not because it was one the earliest civilizations of the world, but because it stretched back the antiquity of the settled life in Indian Subcontinent by two thousand years at one stroke.

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For a summary, check out the details below.

About Harappan Civilization

One of the most fascinating and mysterious cultures of the ancient world is the Harappan Civilization. The culture existed with the Indus River in Pakistan. It was named after the city of Harappa which was centered around. Harappa and the city of Mohenjo-Daro were the greatest of Indus Valley civilization. These cities are known for their organized, impressive and regular layout.

For over 100 other towns and villages there existed in the said region. The Harappan people will literate and used the Dravidian language. While only some part of this language are deciphered today, that a lot of unanswered questions about this civilization.

The civilization existed between 3300-1300 BCE, then it reached a more matured period between 2600-1900 BCE.  The Pre-Harappan cultures started way before 7500 BCE and existed therefore in the northwest Indian Subcontinent, which makes Pakistan and Northwest India of today. In totality, this civilization before has covered an area of 1.25 million Km2.

At the peak of the civilization, they had  more than 5 million population during the era. The people during this time of the civilization learned new techniques for handcrafting and metallurgy. There are also engineering skills of Harappan. This is proved by the Town Planning of Harappan Civilization.

Harappan civilization had interactions and connections with other civilizations by the time of the bronze age. The south Asia was then called the land of “Meluhha” by the Mesopotamians. In fact, in many forms of Mesopotamian texts Meluhha has always been mentioned.

Meluhha was named after their abundant resource of gold, ivory, wood, lapis and lazuli. The people of South Asia were rich with these sources and with that they were called the people of “Black Mountain” or the “Black Land”.

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