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ultimate expression of luxury and lifestyle

Super Yachts: The ultimate expression of luxury and lifestyle

What is a super yacht?

The term super yacht was coined in the early 1920s, for yachts measuring 24 meters LOA and above. Since then, the size of yachts has grown tremendously especially from the 1990s. The term has come to refer more to the amenities on the yacht then to the size itself. All are luxury yachts meant for entertainment and cruising and some of them are super luxury yachts that cost millions of dollars. Since 2017, super yachts for sale have increased.

super yachts for sale


The sale of yachts is usually brokered. Big brokerage companies like 4yacht exist especially in America and Europe where the yacht builders and chartered companies are located. The 4yacht is a professional yacht brokerage company located in Florida USA. Super yachts for sale in Europe abound. There are 100s of yachts offered and you have big companies like Y.Co, and IYC who has representatives in many countries and hundreds of yachts for sale.

The sale of yachts

Yachts for sale can be already on the water and the sale process can take around four to eight weeks. Brokerage companies also advise potential buyers who want to build a yacht from scratch according to their own specifications. This process can take up to three years or more. There are also famous boat shows around the world that will help in the sale of yachts. There is the London Boat Show and the Dusseldorf boat show, the Dubai International, the Cannes Boat festival, the Monaco and the Abu Dhabi International Boat Show. The Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in Florida, USA held from the 31st of October to the 4th of November exhibits yachts from builders and designers as well as brokerage yachts.

Custom and Semi-Custom Yachts

When buying or building a yacht it is important to note the difference between smaller yachts that are similar in basic structure and design and are assembled on shipyards in a faster and cheaper way and the ones that are custom designed or semi-custom designed. The latter was a trend started by a Dutch Company Amels, since 2005.It refers to yachts whose technical features are similar but whose interior design is left solely to the owner or potential owner to decide on, as he or she sees fit. Such yachts are usually one of a kind and are larger and much more expensive.

Buying a yacht is the ultimate expression of luxury and lifestyle among the rich and the famous.