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Behind every great movie, films, and documentaries that you came across to our great directors. These artists are considered to play the most crucial role in a movie; behind the camera of course.

They are the ones that dictate what should be done in each of the scenes of the movie or film that they are shooting making them worthy of the praises they deserve.

Recently, a lot of young directors courageously ventured into the bolder and daring side of filmmaking; the independent filmmaking which provides a more contrasting scene of what we usually see in Hollywood films.

One of these aspiring young directors is renowned independent film director Logan Sekulow, the man behind the re-launching of Walt Disney’s Laugh-O-Gram Studios in 2014. We were encouraged to list down some of the most interesting facts about directors.

independent filmmaking

Before we proceed with the rest of the article, let us know more about Sekulow. He is a 32-year old Stone Mountain, Georgia native who was known for his hosting, writing, and career in Nickelodeon in both Florida and New York added feather to his already decorated cap in the movie and film industry when he directed two critically acclaimed films entitled “As Dreamers Do” and the documentary “Welcome Home, Dick Van Dyke” which earned praises and became entries of several film festivals around the United States.

  • FILMMAKING SCHOOLS ARE WORTHLESS- It is useless because of its cost. Most schools and universities that offer filmmaking courses are expensive which drowns a student with debt and loans. Business experts like Forbes and Yahoo Finance rated film school degrees as the second most useless courses because of its cost and a lot of successful directors did not graduate from any filmmaking schools but rather banked on their experiences to hone their skills.
  • MAJORITY OF INDIE FILMS DO NOT MAKE IT TO THE MAINSTREAM- Sadly, due to the overwhelming number of independent films that are produced each year, only a few of it breaks to the mainstream distribution. A lot of these independent films only manage to reach the circle or the following of the directors and not the main consumers or moviegoers regardless of its quality content. Even in independent film festivals, only a few indie films are selected that will be shown during its duration.
  • LACK OF PROJECTS- Another sad reality about film crews and directors. No matter how good they are at doing their jobs, it’s not always that they got some projects to work with. Some of them have to wait months and even years before getting another project and production gigs especially those who are not connected with major film studios.
  • THE INDUSTRY IS DIM- Unfortunately, a lot of production management that are looking for directors have their own style of a judgement of their chosen directors. Some of them have the artistic judgement of a brick and only directors who have enough courage to take their criticisms comes out to be the successful one.
  • CROWD FUNDING- For aspiring directors, there’s no need to worry about funding their projects. A lot of directors nowadays depend themselves on crowdfunding from their supporters to make their film projects into reality. It all depends, however, on the director’s reputation and talent in order for him/her to get crowdfunding.