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The economy is getting tougher and tougher the past few years and if we come to think about of it, we have to save money more than before, or we have to earn more from our hard-earned income whether at work or a business.

Granted, we all know that it is pretty tough to save, especially if we have never taught do so and it can also add more difficulty to it if we soak away the money for our future when we are more concerned with paying our bills in a recurring basis especially our monthly bills, but still, everyone can still gain benefit even though they stash away little money from their pockets.

To give you a good insight about this matter, we talked to financial and investment expert Adam Jiwan and share to us the top important tips on how to save, invest, and let your money grow which does not require any degree in finance or expertise.

Before we proceed with the article, let us share some Jiwan’s profile and resume just to make sure that we talked to the right person regarding this matter considering that we are talking about money.

financial and investment expert

Jiwan is the co-founder of the Ridge Road Partners LLC and the Future Finance Loan Corporation. He is also one of the founders of the TPG’s European presence in London under the TPG-Axon Capital LLP. He also served as an analyst in the private equity group named Blackstone Group and has become a leader in substantial investments both in private and public companies from various major industry groups and regions around the globe making him not just capable a true expert when it comes to the financial aspect.

Going back to the article; we will show you the important tips, and hopefully, you will enjoy reading it.

  • DON’T STOP INQUIRING- Before you make investments or purchases, always ask, do not be a reckless purchaser or investor. Even if it is cheap or has a reasonable price, do not just indulge in a spending spree.
  • ALWAYS BE THRIFTY- Being on a budget does not mean you are depriving yourself of the luxuries and other stuff that you want to purchase or indulge in, it is about thinking for your financial situation and your future. The more you save, the more you secure your future. If you are planning to invest into something using your savings, make sure that the investment you are trying to purchase must be able to grow and have your income to return completely and gives you enough profit to make your investment grow even larger.
  • BOOST YOUR CREDIT- You can achieve this kind of financial goal when you are great in keeping your credit perfect by getting the best interest rates and terms on everything like business loans, to student loans, or even credit cards and even mortgages.
  • PAY YOUR BILLS ON TIME- One of the reasons our debts grew bigger and bigger is because of interests but by paying our bills on time, we can actually save more money than we can think of. This is achievable when we practice budgeting. Before the due date, you should already have determined the payments scheduled for the month and set the necessary budgets for it before you think of anything else.