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Reference on pneumatic relays

Reference on pneumatic relays

Due to the huge demand of the actuators and valves systems, these are produced by many companies and ultimately it stands a raising mark today. Moreover it has attained certain popularity in terms of effective heating and cooling systems. Some of the zoning accessories like pneumatic relays, co2 sensors etc. are offered by many leading companies including actuators and valves as well especially from HVAC suppliers.

HVAC actuators

These HVAC actuators are very easy to purchase especially through online process as well similar to showroom shopping. Especially most of the companies those who offer zoning accessories including these HVAC actuators includes Siemens, Johnson controls; KMC etc. became popular throughout the world in its purchase.

Let’s have a brief note on some of the accessories:

Pneumatic relays:

In short, relays are also considered as switches and sometimes electromagnetic switches. These pneumatic relays are usually linked to circuits which conduct compressed air other than electrons respectively.

Co2 sensor: In short it is also known as carbon dioxide sensor. It states that, it is like an instrument which is used in the process of measuring carbon dioxide gas. The principle of co2 sensors is similar to infrared and chemical gas sensors. In order to monitor quality of air this measurement of co2 presence is mandatory. If you want to check your lungs functionality is healthier and whether it is inhaled by co2 gas then it can be easily detectable using capnograph device.

There is a device namely IR sensor which is used to measure gases absorption that are detectable. Some of the gases like co2 gas, co gas, ch4 (methane) etc gases can be detected using this techniques.

Let’s discuss about the pros and cons of pneumatic systems:


  • It maintains comfortable temperature levels.
  • It is safe and secure. These systems are explosion proof and clean maintenance.
  • It is very easy to store and effective utilization and it is predominantly available in tiny size and shapes.


  • These systems are very easy in leaking issue.
  • It easily produces moisture environment quickly.
  • It is very expensive in terms of utilizing energy.

Hydraulic systems:

Coming to hydraulic systems, these are utilized in a very ease and accurate control limits only. The most advantage is these systems are operated manually only other than existed systems.  The operations of these systems are comfortable in working on hot environment only. In overall point of view, these systems are safe and secure but are very expensive in terms of energy utilization.

Hence the usage of different accessories plays a vital role in today’s world. Due to its huge demand it is supplied through online process as well.