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Jay Sekulow–His Books

Jay Sekulow is a well known figure and has built a quite a reputation as an attorney with a lot of name in the publishing world dealing with many kinds of topics that may seem controversial to some but have but have put forward a strong views on various stigmatised issues of the world. These books give an insight of how the man thinks and approaches the subject that he sets to relate to the readers.

fight for justice

The book unholy alliance deals with the repercussions of radical Islam will have on the whole world, the jihadist movement and of course the sharia law. His next book the rise of the ISIS deals with impending threat of how countries will be ravaged with the fanatic group that has risen its ugly head massacred thousands of non believers. Burning bridges is another of his books that views on how Turkey, once a liberal state has now slowly turning into a hard line Islamic state.

The book undemocratic deals with the policies and decisions taken by the then government of America and how it has failed and disappointed the people. Nothing but the truth is co authored by Keith Fournier and it deals with how Americans in all true spirit endured to keep their faith intact and stood for their families. His other book deals with his faith and how the constitution and the country at large are impacted by it another book, from intimidation to victory also talks about how Christianity came over the obstacles that it faced along with the book witnessing their faith too is a book on religion and its impact on the justice system and the opinions of people. Then in his other book he tells about the sharia law and how it is seen in America.

Knowing your rights, my fight for justice and for such time as this are the books to dealing with religion and how the contemporary world, America and the whole demographic changes that have been impacted due to state versus the religion debate that Jay Sekulow wants to portray at times as individually or with the help of coauthors.