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Jay Sekulow And His Most Popular Books

Jay Alan Sekulow is one of the most successful men of this generation. He was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. While he was in college, he was converted and became interested in Christianity. Even during his Ph. D years, Sekulow wrote his dissertation on the on Supreme Court Justice and the religious influence.

             Through the years, Jay Sekulow has proven not only to himself but to the world that with his experience and learnings, he can greatly influence the world. He is not only the Chief Counsel for ACLJ, but he is also a successful television and radio host, and a very well known author of 9 publications. If you are a fan, here are the most popular books published by Jay Alan Sekulow.

Books By Jay Sekulow

TOP 4 Books By Jay Sekulow

  1. Unholy Alliance: The Agenda Iran, Russia, and Jihadists for Conquering the World. This is the newest best-selling book where the author Jay Sekulow shows why there is a threat of Radical Islam. With this book, you will have a better understanding of the Jihadist terror and also the Sharia law. Unholy Alliance reveals the “Radical Islam” as well as how the world can defeat it.
  1. Rise of ISIS: A Threat We Can’t Ignore. This is the book where Jay Sekulow cross-examines the rise of ISIS and Hamas, two of the terrorist groups of the world. He shows his readers the objectives of the group, as well as their capabilities. The book portrays how they are still undefeated. With the recent news about the group where hundreds of photos and videos were shown, the book shows how the world was introduced to the ISIS.
  1. The Rise of ISIS: The Coming Massacre. This book focuses on ISIS which originated in Al Qaeda. Their goal is to create an Islamic state in Iraq, Syria, and other Christian countries. This book will help us understand the real terror that we are facing. This also includes an exclusive track “Where I Stand”, a tribute to the Christians that were persecuted in Iraq which is performed by the Jay Sekulow Band.
  1. Undemocratic: How Unelected, Unaccountable, Bureaucrats Are Stealing Your Liberty and Freedom. In this book, Sekulow explores the politics where bureaucracy is now more powerful than the government. This book will surely make you think about how you can help take back the liberties of Americans. It is not a secret that the Americans are bullied by the institution that is supposed to protect the rights as a human being. Undemocratic will tell you how to win and you how this victories can be possible.

Jay Sekulow has the power to influence people not only through his music but through his carefully selected words and turned into best-selling books. If you want to discover the best books on the market today, give these books a try, personally authored by Jay Sekulow.