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South Korean Mobile Games

Gaining Popularity of South Korean Mobile Games

South Korean Gaming world is gaining popularity in recent times. The Korean gaming world is not only experienced by the local people but has also got attention all over the globe. Foreign gamers are playing the Korean games with utmost interest by using the best strategies. Korean gaming market is getting appreciated revenues at a faster pace and the game download rates are increasing each day. A recent survey has shown that the Korean gaming market stands fourth in the world which assures its reach and popularity. They are also considered to be the highest spenders in the gaming world for purchasing games, its add-ons, plugins and characters.

Trending Korean Mobile Games

Trending Korean Mobile Games

Koreans has the highest smart phone penetration. Korean smart phone usage is ranked tenth in the world based on a survey. This shows that the trending Korean games are gaining popularity throughout the world if you happens to check the maximum game app download numbers and ratings. Koreans prefer playing free mobile games but one out of ten persons do possess paid games in their smart phones. With smart phones revolution, they keep themselves so well engaged with mobile phone games in comparison to desktop online or computer installed games. Women prefer playing games like RPG, web board games and puzzle, while male like MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing) adventure games.

All about Registration for Korean games

There is a big misconception that Korean games are hard to register. Hacking and private information seeking is common in all Korean games. All Korean mobile numbers are linked to banks for online purchases and most of the Korean games go for online purchase with the linked mobile phones. So intentionally, this is an effort to not allow other citizens play their games and not give their personal identity for this reason.

One must have RRN, an i-PIN and a Korean mobile number if he wishes to play their Games. RRN stands for Resident Registration Number and i-Pin stands for Internet Personal Identification Number. When registering for mobile games on installation, the account is verified after you provide your name, RRN, name of network provider, phone number and date of birth. After providing these information, you are registered with a code that is sent to your mobile number. It is unethical to buy Korean accounts because it is similar to purchasing another person’s RRN. If one wishes to get an i-PIN, then you will need internet explorer and security plugins installed in your computer, follow the instruction in i-PIN website and get one. There is never a least doubt that Korean gaming market is ruling the crypto currency market as well.