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Bottle for Little babies

Dr. Brown’s Bottle for Little babies

The little babies are the gift of every woman’s life. For every parent who has experienced cherishing parenthood for the first time in life, for them every small detail related to the baby is special. Unlike us, babies are very vulnerable to potential effects of plastic usage, cloth usage, quality f milk we use and many more. They are in fact, so delicate, such that they may require sterilized bottles for drinking milk or water. Thus, the Dr. Browns Fles bottle is made available for your favourite little angels. The American doctor Dr. Craig Brown designed this bottle especially for the babies. Looking after children is no mean feat. They have to be cared for every single time.

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Speciality of the bottle:

The bottle has been designed with special care, keeping in mind the necessity of the babies. The bottle designed by the American doctor ensures the valve system in the bottle. The bottle has been patented with the Doctor Craig’s name. Hence, the name of the bottle is known as Dr. BrownsFles bottle. The valve in the bottle promotes good health of the babies. The valve in the bottle ensures slow and smooth intake of liquid by the child. The bottle is best used in the maternity wards and also by nurturing others at home.

About the Doctor:

The American Doctor Craig Brown has received the patent for the bottle. The functioning of the valve system which has been designed by the Doctor is scientifically proven very beneficial. No wonder, within a short span of time, the doctor has won too many laurels. He has even won, the Medical Design Excellence Award. This award is considered one of the most prestigious awards in the medical field. The Doctor is also a consistent price winner of The AMBY Award. From the year 2004 to 2009, he has won AMBY or American Award for best products for babies’ award for six times in a row. Thus, this notable laureate is worth a praise.

Functioning of the bottle:

The bottle designed by the American doctor is classified to be unique among all other baby bottles, due to the presence of the valve system in it. The valve system is responsible to avoid creation of the vacuum in the bottle. The vacuum and air bubbles are not caused in the bottle. The air enters the bottle through the teat ring and it does not interfere with the food. This will help baby suffer less from vomiting and stomach related disorders. The other important aspect with the valve system is that, the air gets directed to the space above the feed. Many important nutrients such as Vitamin c, A and E get reserved. The valve system also prevents vacuum from getting sucked at the teat. This will stop from building of negative vacuum. Lastly, the food drip out of the bottle is prevented. The positive pressure of the valve is comparable to the breast feeding. Your baby need not suck hard on the teat to grasp food inside.