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Dating Apps are getting an Upgrade

Dating Apps are getting an Upgrade

Music for some people is a language unto itself. Certain music may reflect what you think and how others see you. Lyrics and musical poetry actually convey exactly what you feel. Lovers often dedicate music or songs for people they love to better express how they feel. I for one connect with my significant other through music, we even collaborate on a music streaming app to complement our playlist with songs that catch our attention. As we live through this digital age, the age of cloud storage, we gain access to an almost limitless number of songs to choose from. Social Media is taking notice and have begun building apps that integrate music at their cores, taking advantage of the people’s innate interest in them to make money. Music has even begun to trickle into the online dating industry. things like free music dating app have begun to proliferate into the online dating scene.

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Online dating sites use questionnaires, psychology, algorithms, numbers, probabilities to let people find their profile matches. Recently, music preference is also being used and I, for one, think its genius. Music preference always is a surefire way to bring two people together and start them talking. In the early days without internet and radio, the only way for people to experience music was by live performances. Music literally brought people together. Aside from that, music also causes our bodies to produce

Adding music into the equation for online dating will definitely add value and a deeper insight into the profiles to choose from. It’s not only location now but preferences and taste in Music as well. Aside from that, music also causes our bodies to produce Oxytocin. This is a neuropeptide associated with strong ties and increasing bonding between people. A recent study suggested a link between singing, oxytocin, and socialization. Yet another study showed that singing humans showed a marked increase in oxytocin levels. What is surprising is that it did not matter even if they did not feel happy about singing. Another finding is that just the act of listening to the music itself also causes a rise in Oxytocin levels. To put Oxytocin in perspective, this chemical impacts our ability to trust and be generally kind to others. This in turn would surely impact the way we bond with each other.

Online dating will never be as fun and as compelling to singles now that music has entered the scene. It truly is a wonderful additional element to the already successful dating scene.