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Ancient History of Indian

Ancient History of Indian Medicine: Ayurveda

The journey of medicine has been a long one. It started as early as Stone Age (3300 BCE) with herbal medicine to modern day tablets and drugs. It has evolved with time, change in social pattern, civilization,and development of technology.

India advanced in the field of medicine from ancient times. Some of the techniques used in those days are relevant even today. The greatest example being Ayurveda. Ayurveda dates back to 4000 BCE and has been the oldest medicine in Ancient History.

Ancient History

It is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘ayur’ means life and ‘knowledge’, contributing to knowledge of life. All the areas of Ayurveda branched into eight different categories, details about which has been mentioned in Atharva Veda- one of the oldest Vedas being written in Vedic literature. The eight divisions include:

  • Kaayachikitsa (Internal medicine)
  • Baalachikitsa(Pediatrics)
  • Grahachikitsa(Demonology)
  • Urdhvangachikitsa(head and neck diseases)
  • Shalyachikitsa(Surgery)
  • Vishachikitsa(Toxicology)
  • Jarachikitsa( Rejuvenation)
  • Vrshachikitsa(Aphrodisiac medicine)

Treatment of complex diseases was provided even before microscopes were invented or any other kind of electrical diagnostic tool. The idea of Ayurveda is more about holistic development rather than target treatment. It believes that the human body is made of elements that belong to Dhoshas, Dhatus and Mala. Ayurveda helps to maintain the equilibrium between these three.

With the development of science and more research in the field of medicine, use of drugs became more popular as they have shown faster results. But some of them had their side effects. In recent times, Ayurveda came back into the limelight. The reason why people are more drawn to it is that all natural ingredients were used to create medicine which had zero side effects.

Now Ayurveda conjoined with modern technology helps it reach a greater mass all around the globe. After the industrial boom, the Ayurvedic companies also flourished which sold products required in daily life, all made by using Ayurvedic techniques.

Though we have experienced a lot of transformation, everything that we see today is products from modified products from https://talecup.com’s piece on Ancient History.