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Online Relationship Apps

All about Online Relationship Apps

Many aspects of our life, society have been affected by digital technology. This even includes the changes in the way people seek out. They are relying on technology or smartphones whey they plan to establish their relationship with other people.

Earlier people were not comfortable with the online dating. But today majority of the people prefer this. Much of stigma which was there towards this is no more present and most of the people agree that dating online is the good way when they want to meet people.

There is one more fact that majority of the people earlier didn’t have exposure to this. Before 2005, there was no much exposure on this. Even people were not aware of other people that were using dating sites. But today most of the people use it for themselves and at least they know someone who uses this. This is the reason there is much more positivity which has grown towards this in recent years. That is why majority of the people have accepted this culturally.

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This has attracted users of age below 24 as well as 55-64 year olds. People in this age group have also started using these sites. Compared to 2013, the number has doubled. Earlier its was just 6% and now users of age group 55-64 year old is 12%.

Among younger generation of users at least one-in-five user mobile dating apps these days. It is quite possible that people go for dating someone whom they met on online site. Even though this number is quite big, overall only one-third of the online daters have not met in real life.

Digital tools are considered as wealth of today’s era. They have given so much for people’s lives. They even helped in searching for potential partners. At least one-in –ten are using dating platforms and apps available today.

People started feeling comfortable with online dating apps and platforms available. So, this is how they find an easy way to search for partners. Just by sitting at comfort of their home, they start chatting with the people they want. They don’t even feel necessary to meet those people offline. This is the level of freedom online apps have provided with for its users.

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