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installing a compressed air system

A process of installing a compressed air system

it is very common for people to have a compressed air installation at the place, wire it up and put a quick disconnect hose fitting on it this will be enough to complete the project of installation. There is a constant need to avoid any presence of moisture, oil and dirt as it can really ruin the pneumatic tools along with pain equipment in these kinds of situations where the exposure to such things is too high and one should keep it necessary to have setup addressed at the place.

Consider keeping the installation of an air compressor in dry, clean, well-ventilated room, keep it at least two feet away from corners and walls. Have a sufficient space around the compressor for proper inspection and safety, cleaning along with maintenance. Keep toxic, volatile or agents with corrosive properties near the compressor. Never allow hot air from equipment to blow towards the installed compressor.

air compressed system

There can be several potential hazardous noises however, it is necessary to take in consideration the level of noise, increased noise can be an indicator that there is a need of maintenance in your installed air compressed system. It is always ideal to have a separate compressor. An electrical installation needs to be performed by a technically qualified electrician who has complete knowledge of the NEC or such known as National Electrical Code, local or state codes and OSHA code having precedence.

Consider having an air treatment product. Connect a pipe or air hose from the discharge of compressor to a good quality or particulate filter. The main purpose of having a filter is that it will remove the large particles ranging more than 1 micron of oil, dust and other contaminants, these are byproducts of the process of compression and are highly unavoidable byproducts.

One can choose to have a polishing filter, a refrigerated air dryer that will chill the air compressed to a certain temperature. A temperate with lower compressed air will cause trapper water vaporization to condense. Byproducts of this process are oil that can only be separated using filters.